A fulfilling yachting experience starts with a carefree arrival by tender or helicopter, which seamlessly coheres with the ambiance on board. We’re standardising a completely undisturbed yachting experience, which doesn’t stop at silent sailing without vibrations. We’re assuring all lights, sounds, images and even the temperature are customised to your utmost convenience. This optimised experience is seamlessly adapted all over the yacht, even if you change rooms or move outside. Our team of experts can make your wildest dreams come true. Or perhaps even more: an outer space experience with lights, sounds and effects you never even dared to dream of?

make sure you get the best available technology


Every screen from IMAX cinematic screens to smaller setups and portable iPad’s: we’ll adjust the size and quality of your video systems to meet your wishes into the finest of details. All with centrally managed availability of sources like on demand movies, satellite television, security cameras on board or even those at home. Our specialists will consult and design together with you for a perfect setup to match your lifestyle. Whether you like your screens hidden in ceilings and floors or want to display your technology and place them on walls, dressers or even in your pool, we will make sure it fits, works, and looks awesome! As if that’s is not enough, we can always supply you with custom video walls, floors or ceilings, and additional content to fit your style. Whether they need to display the Milky Way above the dining, or the ocean with fishes below the dance floor: everything is possible.

Facts & figures:

  • Over 20 manageable sources
  • Storage for 10.000 videos on demand. If not more
  • Up to 200 square meter of high definition video wall

this really brings the experience


Are you a fan of an occasional party? Or someone who enjoys listening to the news during breakfast? Sound preferences are incredibly personal, and this is the reason there’s not a single yacht that has identical Audio equipment on board. Our specialists at De Keizer will design the desired sound tone with you, no matter if it’s the sound of a complete rock band performing in your living room or simply the right crisp to the sound in your cinema room. Everything is possible!

All of our systems are completely dynamic, whether it’s stereo, complete surround sound, a single room or a complete party spreading over all the decks. We’ll make sure the audio system meets all of your wishes and is easily manageable.
To get the most performance out of the hardware, our in-house audio/video engineer will calibrate all systems. They’ll make sure the sound adapts to the circumstances, which means you won’t even hear any difference when outside doors open. We want you to enjoy an optimal experience on board, and we won’t accept any limitations or compromises. No matter if you enjoy your favourite song during a refreshing dip in the pool, on your jet ski or during dinner. Together with you we’ll make sure you’ll get exactly what you want. Or even more.

Facts & figures:

  • Audio in up to 40 areas controlled by one single ‘party-mode’
  • World-class DJ-booths approved by the worlds best DJ’s.

ipad, crestron or any other device


A yacht with unlimited possibilities deserves an operating system that serves all functionality with the greatest of ease. Thanks to our TeleControl, the use of all these possibilities has never been easier. TeleControl connects to different interfaces for multiple systems in each room.

The personalized Crestron user interface, which runs on an iPad, button remote or any other device, ensures that the systems perfectly meet the needs, wishes and preferences of the owner. The Crestron interface can, for example, operate lights, blinds, HVAC, Apple TV and satellite TV. De Keizer can also configure various useful pre-sets for you, so that you can control the mood of a room with one finger movement and the music, lighting and blinds immediately switch to the corresponding mode.

Facts & figures:

  • To meet your personal preferences, TeleControl comes in various styles and sizes, you choose whether you prefer a tablet or traditional remote
  • Even our simplest TeleControl with basic keypad has access to the most extensive features

stay connected to the world

Browse (Internet Connectivity)

Online connectivity for all devices is increasingly necessary nowadays. Both owners and guests have multiple devices they want to be online with. This requires a system that provides a stable and safe Internet connection throughout the yacht, regardless of whether it is on shore or cruising the open ocean. Our Browse system provides just that! It gives the owner, guests and crew the opportunity to be connected in all areas. Browse ensures cell phone reception and internet access everywhere, no matter if you’re connected to Wi-Fi in the port, or cruising the seas in search of the most beautiful locations.

Browse uses a 4G bonding router with global coverage. The router combines the speed of multiple 4G Sim-cards, providing a cost-effective, high-speed Internet connection. The system offered is the result of a partnership with both vendor and data carrier providing unique possibilities. No need for swapping sim-cards, the sim-cards are able to morph into different carriers, providing the best data roaming prices possible. Global IP-addresses, which allows to get around location specific blocked content. To make the most out of the system the antennas are equipped with boosters. Less crowded cell towers are automatically chosen as the system is capable of connecting to cell towers further land-inward.

Facts & figures:

  • 4G Amplifier with over 30KM reach
  • WiFi relay with 1750 Megabit per second
  • 6 Different types of Internet Connections

creating the right ambiance

Interior Lighting

Lighting might be one of the most underestimated design elements on a yacht, but it has the greatest impact on your yachting experience and more important: on your overall sense of well-being. In order to assure you and your crew enjoy the best possible time aboard, our experienced light architects are pleased to measure and advise you on the light tones that suit your eyes and develop a personalized light plan. Ranging from automatically changing tuneable LED lights to the application of an OLED intelligent wallpaper, we’ll spare no expense to fulfil your wildest light dreams.

Opposed to minimalist functional lights in crew area’s as the machine room, office area, and the cantina, De Keizer would be happy to equip your yacht with functional lights that serve more than only rules and regulations. We’re specialized in optimizing the crew areas with efficient lighting for the crew as well, which leads to a higher standard of wellbeing in the working environment and accounts for crewmembers who feel good and stay alert for much longer.

Facts & figures:

  • Research has shown optimized crew lighting leads to higher standards of wellbeing and a longer attention span
  • De Keizer makes sure all lighting meets international rules & regulations

an extra dimension on architecture

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is more than a few deck and underwater lights. To ensure safety and to meet rules and regulations, we’re ready to install everything from anchor lights to navigation and visibility lights.

The real fun starts at other the exterior lights though. As we do not simply install pool-, disco-, and deck lights, as a total integrator we connect them to the network so they can communicate with other devices for a total, synchronized experience. Tenders and toys are the completion of your yacht. So why not let them add to your party. Blend them in and let them be an additional mind blowing part of your experience by matching the same lights as your yacht, or even part of the lightshow. Combined with a cast of the music on board, or even automatically increasing volume while approaching the yacht, tender and toy lighting provides a seamless experience for your guests.

Facts & figures:

  • Integrated light systems account for the best experience on board. At De Keizer all audio-, video-, lights- and blinds systems are connected by the network to create the best experience possible
  • Steam lighting, searchlights, obstruction lights, lighted SSB antennas; no light is spared to ensure a smooth and safe operation.
  • De Keizer also provides accurate lighting for the commercial helicopter deck, touch-and-go heli deck, and hangar lights, so you’ll be sure to meet all necessary requirements.

licensed technicians

Data Connect

For all on board communication, De Keizer developed a network infrastructure called ‘Connect’. This product allows the owner, guests, crew and all other systems to communicate amongst one-another wherever they are, thus adding to the ease of vessel operations and a timely response to any requests.

We have created our Connect system specifically to meet these demands. Various means of communication are fully integrated with the network infrastructure. Steward Call functionality, and email communication all use the yacht’s reliable wired and wireless infrastructure. This eliminates the need for dedicated infrastructure, so saving time while reducing costs and complexity.

As all devices are connected to this network backbone. We chose products and designs that provide the reliability and performance needed to support this. We settle for nothing less than the highest quality.

Facts & figures:

  • Fiber backbone: 10 Gigabyte per second
  • 5.2 Gigabit per seconds WiFi infrastructure
  • Latest 802.11AC WiFi Standard

keep it safe

Brains Data Centre

Digital systems on board a yacht all require computing power to keep them running. Centralized management and storage of different yacht systems is a big win when it comes to efficiency. All the necessary computing power and storage space for all our products (Connect, Browse, Audio/Video, and Eyes) is supplied by the network: Brains.

The redundant servers from our Brains data centre run all the necessary software applications. The redundancy allows the system to continue in case one of the servers fails, and allows for uninterrupted service when maintaining or expanding the system.

The entire system is equipped with an enterprise backup solution. All backups are stored on a separate dedicate storage unit which is placed in a different part of the vessel. Backups are created for all systems running on Brains, creating the possibility to restore data (files, folders, emails etc.) and to revert the state of a system. The latter can be convenient when it is unsure what data has been changed/removed, for example in the unlikely case of a computer virus infection. Brains is also used to store all user credentials, files and folders, manage printers, allow remote management and to host emails and any vessel management software.

Facts & figures:

  • Redundant servers are equipped with:
  • Memory: 64 Gigabyte memory
  • Storage: 4096 Gigabyte
  • Back-up Storage: 4096 Gigabyte


Guest Infotainment System

Aboard the yacht it’s easy to submerge in a flow state of mind and forget about your surroundings. You’d almost even forget you’re at sea! To inform your guests about their whereabouts and to enrich your yachting experience, De Keizer has developed a Guest Infotainment System that provides valuable information ranging from positioning and local weather updates to which crew is on duty and what is on the menu for today.
The GIS displays the real time arrival of new guests and welcomes them with a personal introduction message including a virtual yacht tour and important safety notes.

At De Keizer we were able to convert all available yacht data to your infotainment system as well. With one look at the comprehensible layout you’re informed about sailing speed, fuel intake and reserves, power generation and more. We’ll bring the engine room dashboard to your living room!

Facts & figures:

  • Connect GIS with the security cameras and you can see the yacht map including whereabouts of guests and crew within the blink of an eye
  • Upon request GIS includes messaging, calendar display and email notifications
  • Keep track of arriving guests as both the live positioning of the tender and helicopter can be displayed for your convenience