Optimal yachting through total system integration

Building a yacht is more than installing cables, generators, lights or an IT system. As a total integrator De Keizer plans the entire installation into the finest details, creating harmony in every single device and every wire installed, maximizing yacht experience by connecting and synergising networks all over the vessel. Whereas the company started with electrical installations, we are nowadays providing everything from power supply to yacht control and every technological experience you can imagine on board. 

We have divided our product range in 3 sections: 

Power  Which relates everything from generating to distribution. 

Control  All onboard systems for the professional crew

Experience  All onboard systems to create a wonderful experience, by technology.


Reliable yachting starts here

Building a new yacht is a long-term project and a major investment. It is critical that the right team is selected for your specific needs and a good partner will serve as an invaluable liaison between the client and the shipyard, keeping the yard informed about decisions and requirements on behalf of the owner and maintaining the balance between both parties. De Keizer is there for you to help you figure out and get exactly what you want; our New-Build project management team will transform your concept into reality.