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Each electrical system starts with power; the same applies to super yachts. In the absence of power supply from the shore, yachts rely on generators, and battery banks to keep the operation running. De Keizer has dedicated an incredible amount of time and resources to achieve solid solutions to organise power supply, distribution and propulsion without any interruptions. Power is the start of our electric chain and in order to guarantee full functioning of all integrated systems, we make sure the network is laid out with the utmost precision and equipped with the best technology.

system integration

Power connect

The distribution of electricity, routing and cabling with the greatest finesse, is perhaps where De Keizer excelled the most since the early days. The precision of founder Anton de Keizer has always been highly valued in the maritime sector, which led the company to further specialization in yacht engineering. Nowadays the systems we’re installing on super yachts are a lot more complex and advanced, but even in delivering state-of-the-art technology, the high standards on work accuracy are still at the forefront.

Power Connect embodies the long-stretched network of electric cables on the entire yacht. To avoid any disruptions the network is laid out redundant and monitored at various points. For maximum safety, the electric platform is also equipped with fire-retardant cables and watertight sleeves. This infrastructure is ready for the future and prepped for the connection and expansion with new -future- equipment.

Facts & figures:

  • Within a week a super yacht consumes an equal amount of power as a large house in a whole year
  • A 100m long yacht already consists of 350 kilometers of electric cable. While routing the cables De Keizer focuses primarily on safety and secondary on efficiency, which can save up to 10% of cables throughout the yacht
  • Power Connect can manage up to 250 different systems, ranging from automated lighting, to air conditioning and security.

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Intelligent Main Switchboards

Aboard the yacht you want everything to be in order, and energy distribution should make no exception. No matter if you’re running on shore power, generators or the battery bank, the entire vessel should experience a flawless power supply without any interruptions. Our Intelligent Main Switchboards take care of that. Together this impressive collection of panels, fuse boxes and breakers form a smart electrical network that regulates all incoming sources and distributes the power over the entire ship. The IMSB switches seamlessly between all available power sources, managing shore power, the battery bank and generator power to ensure the most efficient fuel and energy consumption while including service intervals. This power management system continuously monitors the network and efficiently makes sure even the most complicated connections and systems in the furthest ends of the yacht run smoothly. In case a generator or other system fails, the IMSB guards the safety aboard by automatically switching off al non-essential equipment.

fuel efficient and more quiet time

Battery Technology

Less fuel consumption, sailing quiet more often and less generator maintenance? It’s possible! Battery Technology is an intelligent combination of technology and software that efficiently saves any excess in produced energy on a mega yacht and distributes saved energy on peak hours. De Keizer sees great advantage in the application of Battery Technology, which is why we have developed the DekaSmartGrid.

DekaSmartGrid ensures that the generators are used more efficiently and that any electric surplus is stored in batteries that can be addressed immediately during a shortage. As a result, it is possible to prevent running a second generator, which saves more than just fuel consumption. As the generators will run less often, they will suffer less from soot deposition. Battery Technology benefits the performance and lifetime of the generators while saving on fuel, all at the same time.

This form of peak shaving and load leveling is not the only advantage of battery technology. It’s even possible to propel your yacht with nothing but the energy stored in the battery bank, increasing the amount of times you can enjoy silent sailing. As battery banks take up less space then generators and you will need less of the latter, you also have more flexibility to divide the space in your engine room freely.

Facts & figures:

  • Battery Technology allows you to reduce the amount of generators by 30%, freeing up valuable space in the engine room.
  • Our battery safety system cuts off the battery output at 80% discharged before it can harm the battery. The result is a far longer life for your batteries.
  • Saves on average 1100 generator starts per year, prolonging generator life by 8 % and reducing fuel intake by 22.000 litre per year!

the next big thing in going green

Electric Propulsion

If you are into yachting, you probably enjoy your fair share of peace and quiet. Nothing but an infinite mirrored water landscape on the horizon and the sound of gently sloshing waves against the bow. For even more silence while sailing, you can opt for electric propulsion. Electric propulsion is a fuel-saving option that provides more comfort on board thanks to its silent engine. Sailing electrically means you won’t be bothered by any of the disturbing sounds and vibrations associated with traditional propulsion. As electric motors take less space than fuel driven engines, an additional benefit is more flexibility in the room layout of your engine room.

Facts & figures:

  • Better fuel efficiency and a bigger range, up to complete independency of fuel supply
  • De Keizer can completely customize your electric propulsion system: inline, with a hollow shaft, on any AC or DC grid

for both sailing and motor yachts

Hybrid Propulsion

Nowadays hybrid propulsion means you can choose whether the engine runs on diesel, on batteries, or on both sources simultaneously. This multi-usability is obviously also the biggest advantage of the system. In electric mode, the engine runs silently and at low speed, perfect for nightly sailing and emission-free sailing in the ports. The electric propulsion also gives an extra speed boost at full speed. Hybrid systems are known as efficient and cost-saving, while they immediately make up for the two biggest comfort problems on board: noise and vibrations. Our experienced team is happy to inform you about the installation options and feasible yields of hybrid propulsion on your yacht.

Facts & figures:

  • Higher top speeds can be achieved when both –electric and diesel- propulsion methods are deployed simultaneously
  • De Keizer can completely customize your hybrid propulsion system: inline, with a hollow shaft, on any AC or DC grid
  • Better fuel efficiency and a bigger range, up to complete independency of fuel supply

maximize guest experience

Shore Converters

You want to offer your guests a perfect stay on board. Not only when you’re out at sea, but also during stays in the port. Flickering lights, blackouts and the sound of generators starting-up shouldn’t be part of that experience. Our Shore Converters absorb the fluctuations in the marina power, so all systems aboard can rely on constant energy supply. Regardless of the location and quality of the power supply, our converters always produce a stable and reliable power, so you never have to reduce the use of air conditioning or energy consumption in the galley as soon as you dock.

Facts & figures:

  • Our Shore Converters work with any RCD/ GFCI Circuit breaker
  • Automatically connect to any worldwide marina power system
  • Generous overload capability so no need to start the generator during peak hours

your energy source onboard


In order for your entire operation to run smoothly, it’s essential to choose the right set of generators. While comparing the performance and weight of generators from various brands, you’ve been given the difficult task of making a financial and technical comparative assessment. Our engineers can provide you with excellent guidance and inform you about the power required by the equipment on board. As a total integrator De Keizer knows exactly how much power is needed to get the most performance out of your yacht.

This way we can calculate exactly which generator set is the most efficient for a project and without those worries you can make (or perhaps let us make) a well-considered generator choice.

Facts & figures:

  • Fixed and variable speed generator solutions, optional integration of power & load management
  • Liquid cooled permanent magnet systems and custom solutions
  • System operates on 50 or 60 Hz, from 208 to 690 VAC

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Power Quality

The right quality of voltage and current is essential to ensure the reliability of electrical installations on yachts. As a result of the increased use of converter systems – such as Frequency drivers, LED drivers and inverters – excessive harmonic distortions in voltage may emerge. This can create problems for the safety, reliability and capacity of the electrical installation. A poor Power Quality can reveal itself in the flickering of lights, heat generation in neutral conductors, overloading of generators and switchgear and the accelerated aging of connected equipment. The Keizer works with an Active Harmonic Filter; an advanced method to reduce harmonic pollution to optimize the Power Quality. Thanks to the filter, the electrical network can carry heavier loads and sensitive equipment will last for much longer. De Keizer offers full measurement, calculation and advice in order to guarantee tailored integrated Power Quality solutions for your yacht.

Facts & figures:

  • Our filter keeps the harmonic pollution within the prescribed norm of 8% THDU
  • The filter is installed parallel to the installation, which allows harmonic distortions created by multiple devices to be reduced with just one Active Harmonic Filter
  • De Keizer will only install the harmonic filter while doing (smaller) refits and repairs; smart engineering will avoid (or mend) any harmonic distortion in new builds and extensive refits.